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New things coming to GLO
Magnesium spray, comfrey salve and sound bath.
Now offering and booking appointments for sound bath. The effectiveness of sound baths may vary, but many people report significant benefits, including reduced stress and anxiety, improved sleep quality, and increased focus and clarity. Emerging research suggests sound therapy may lower stress hormones, improve mood, and reduce pain. 1 person $70, 2 people $125, 1 hr with massage per person $135. Group pricing available. Message or call now to book your appointment 812-661-6018. 



Be on the lookout for wellness Wednesday.

Every Wednesday we will feature a different product and what ailments they help. We will post here, facebook as well as our tiktok.  


Pure Encapsulations

GLO Natural has pure patient direct a virtual dispensary contact Susie @812-549-5407 or 812-661-6018 for your code for discounts & become a patient. 

The Healing Journey

Heal Thyself Living a Holistic Life

Are you ready to take the next step in your journey towards becoming a healthier happier version of yourself? Join me for an immersive 6-week experience that will leave you feeling more vibrant, energized and lightened. Learn an approach that recognizes the interconnection of the body, mind and spirit with nature. Throughout this program you will have the opportunity to learn and practice a variety of holistic healing techniques. What to expect: yoga, tai chi, guided meditation, sound therapy, herbal therapies, detox and weight loss, blood ph., body care techniques, tapping, energy work, spiritual healing and soul awakening. This course will also include a supplement and other special items. Come join me for an amazing journey of health, relaxation and fun. For more information call Susie at GLO Natural Wellness. 812-661-6018 This is a 6-week course for $375. Let us know if you're interested in attending a class.

6 Week Weight & Wellness

Detox and weight loss

. Our 6-week weight and wellness program 

call 812-661-6018 

To sign up. 

Diet Apples


Lymphatic Drainage package

Lymphatic Drainage massage includes 15 chi treatment, 30-minutes in our infrared sauna, 30 min reflexology and a 1 hour lymphatic massage -$150 This is great for sinuses as well as draining your lymph nodes of toxins.


Check us out on you tube 

Lots of healthy tips, recipes and so much more!

Relax with Dr. Soulflower on tik tok as well. Follow her on here for a wonderful spiritual journey.

Dr. Susie Crouch ND, NHC,NHP,MH, CHP&LPN

Need help figuring out which natural health remedies or strategies will work best for you and your family. Find simple affordable natural health healing and weight loss that becomes a lifestyle. Natural anti-inflammatory to reduce pain & aging. Life coaching for anxiety depression struggles of life to give you support and hope and clarity. Natural healing with food and herbs. Alternatives treatments such as massage, reiki, breathing techniques, guided imagery, chakra energy work, light touch, reflexology, kansa, etc. Alternative healing modalities have been proven to Relax and rejuvenate, reduce stress, decrease anxiety, manage chronic pain, slow or eliminate disease process. Bring balance to the body, Create awareness of mind, emotion, body & Spirit and how they are intertwined in creating a healthy whole person. I was on dialysis for nearly three years and have a kidney transplant for 40 years. I chose to become healthy naturally. So I understand health issue. Let me heal your mind body and soul in a holistic fashion. Let your food be your medicine. Naturopathy medicine is a system that uses natural remedies  to help the body heal itself. It embraces many therapie, including herbs, supplements, massage, Reike, chi, acupressure, exercise, and nutritional counseling. Let us change your life today!

Hi I am Dr.  Susan Crouch N.D.

I am a naturopathic practitioner ready to help you on your healthy journey in a natural fashion. Specialize in helping you heal naturally, weight loss, diabetes, heart issues, female hormonal issues, digestive issues and many other health issues. I also specialize in life coaching. I help balance the mind, body and spirit with alternative and natural treatments. We can do one on one consult, zoom, or phone consult. If you have issues, you can have a one-time consult with me to discuss your needs. One time consult is 30 minutes for $25 first visit then we can customize a package to fit your needs!

Contact me today or visit our shop. We have a salon and spa. As well as I specialize in health, wellness and natural remedies.

Call me at 812-661-6018

Meet Heather

Heather is the manager of the shop as well as a hard-working mama of 4 kids. She is married to her high school sweetheart for 22 years.  Her and her mom Susie strive to make this business the best it can be.  We want you to leave feeling relaxed, rejuvenated and satisfied. Glo is ran by family and we want you to feel like family as well.  She also makes a lot of the tees and sweatshirts that are for sale in the gift shop.


Meet Trenton

Trenton is Heather's Oldest son and Susie's Grandson. He is 20 years old. He helps to run the front so look for his handsome smiling face when you come up to check out.

Meet Tierra

Tierra is Heather's oldest daughter and Susie's oldest granddaughter.  She is 18 years old. Her passions are dance and music. She has been dancing since she was three years old.  She is attending ISU for her degree in business. She will be helping run the front desk.  So please welcome her smiling beautiful face. 

Tierra is also the designer of our jewelry Squirrely Girl Designs.


What is the Plan?

The Great Living Plan: Designed plans feature a total evaluation of body, mind, spirit and medications. Plans are geared toward individual needs. Includes total organic holistic food plan, supplementation and much more. Easy-to-make recipes, all designed especially to help you kick start your life, lose weight, and get a hold of your health, let me help you heal starting today!


What are you waiting for? Contact us today!

Wellness Products

Located in beautiful downtown Boonville. Come see our town square and shop amazing stores.



Twisted Stix Gift Shop 

Dr. Soulflower Apothecary

Come in our shop to check out our gift shop with many unique items. We carry many brands. We have salves, vitamins, tinctures, skincare, candles, lotions, boutique clothing, coffees, teas, candies, mugs, spa items, housewares, toys, gifts, etc.  Come see us for all your birthday, holiday, funeral or any occasion Shopping needs!  check us out on Etsy Twisted Stix!

Cancellation Policy

Our Cancellation policy starting January 1st   will need to be a 24 hrs. notice. Same day cancellation or no call no shows will be charged 100%. We completely understand illness or deaths in family or emergencies. Those will be excused from this policy. We also will be asking any new client who has not visited us before to pay when you book for your service. We have had several people book and then cancel last minute. This will hold your spot as well as to make sure that our providers are getting paid for their time. 

Explore the Collection

GLO Natural Wellness 

Dr. Soulflower Apothecary

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