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Susie Crouch-Owner/Operator-Dr. of Natural Medicine

                                                           A Little Bit About Me

My dream was to have a place where you could come and feel relaxed and receive all the services you need in one place. My Passion began years ago when after being very sick & on dialysis. After about 3.5 years I received a kidney from my brother. Thinking about what he sacrificed I wanted to cherish and take care of the gift of life I was given. I became interested in alternative health and read everything I could about the subject. I implemented it into my own life. Gaining wonderful health & vitality!

After being told I should not go into the medical field. I became a licensed cosmetologist and opened my own salon. Worked successfully at that for many years. All along continuing my education in Natural Alternative Health & Beauty. Because of a move and my father being diagnosed with Alzheimer's  & dementia as well as seeing the poor quality of care decided to become a licensed nurse. I still work part time as a nurse for this awful disease. All along living a holistic lifestyle and continuing my education in Natural Alternative Health. Currently I am a Certified Natural Health Counselor, Certified Life & Health Coach, Natural Health professional, Certified Natural Health Coach, Master Herbologist, Reiki Master, light touch therapy, mindful meditation, Certified Nutritional Counselor as well as a Dr. of Natural Medicine.

My goals are to help you achieve health, beauty, happiness and all the things you desire for your well being in all aspects of your life. We are here to provide Natural & Traditional alternative treatments for all health conditions & provide Natural & Traditional beauty  & Hair care for your needs, Also to provide Alternative Nutritional & Health counseling as well as plant based diets and supplements!


Simply Stated we believe there is natural propensity for the body to be in health & balance. In essence we were meant to be healthy by nature our approach is to remove and obstacles to your

natural health & beauty. As well as incorporate therapies that support the body to regain its natural healthy balance! My wonderful family and team are such an asset to me and I could not do it without them.

Pink Sugar

My Team.

All of us here at GLO want to help you live your best life. From health and wellness to beauty and relaxation we have it all. Contact us to schedule today 812-661-6018 we also offer online consults if that better fits your needs. 

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