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Certain Treatments can be combined ask for more details! Some treatments are more effective when combined with other treatment. Most treatments reach their full benefits when done twice a week for 6 weeks!

A message from our massage therapist Ashley

Hello Beautiful Humans!!!! My name is Ashley Noffsinger and I am currently a Licensed massage Therapist at Glo Natural Wellness Center. I graduated from Ivy Tech Community College in 2019. 

I am extremely proud of my career and my accomplishments. Going back to school at 30, being a wife, taking care of three kids and just basically learning how to really be back in school was very hard. But it was very rewarding. I have shown my children that at any age you can work hard and become anything you want.  I love my job at Glo Natural Wellness Center. I can be flexible with my hours so that I can spend time with my family. But I also am able to make sure to accommodate my clients and that is very important to me.  So being able to work, have time to see my family between clients and just be a part of the community is important to me. 

I specialize in swedish massage, aromatherapy, deep tissue. I am currently taking classes about relieving sciatic pain. I also plan to take classes in Craniosacral therapy, cardiovascular health, thai massage and ashiatzu. I am very excited to keep continuing my education in my career. I strive to be the best so that people can count on me to be able to help with their aches and pains.  I am working Wednesday-10-5 Thursday & Friday-8-2 Saturday from 8-2. Not every Saturday though only a couple Saturdays a month. I can also come in early or late to help accommodate you and your busy schedule as well. I understand that your life is just as busy as mine. When you come see me you instantly become family, so that means I want nothing but the best for you. The best time, the best experience and the best you. You can schedule an appointment with me by calling the shop number at 812-661-6018 or going on our face book and send us a message. You can even contact me through facebook messenger or call or text me 812-887-6125. If I do not answer please feel free to leave a message so that I can get back to you and be able to schedule you. I also have a email you contact me at

Thank you and I hope to see you soon. Blessed be. 

Massage Therapy

Ashley's Price List

30 minutes massage $45

60 minutes Custom massage $70

90 minutes Custom massage $105

120 minutes Custom massage $140

Pain relief massage cream and 1 hr. massage-$85

Clay back Massage includes 1 hr.  massage $100

Mud facial with face massage $80

Gua Shau-$20

Tandem Massage-$120 for hour

Lymphatic Drainage massage-$105

Full Lymphatic Paclage-$170 2.5 hrs

Mud Wrap weight loss roughly 1.5 hrs. includes mud wrap, massage. As well as you showering in between. $140

Infrared thermal blanket-$35 30 minutes $70 1 hr

This is great for weight loss, skin care, eases muscle tension, detoxify, and builds immune system.



You can also upgrade your massage by adding:


Hot Stones-$20

Hand Scrub-$20

Foot Scrub-$20

Back-Full Body Scrub-$35 Relax, Enjoy and feel better in your skin.




Sauna 1 hour $30

45 minutes $25

30 minutes $20

Add 30 minutes to any service $15

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